OpenFit Mobile / Tablet UI Changes

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I've pushed out quite a few styling & CSS changes so OpenFit looks great on mobile phone and tablet devices. Going forward all development will put a priority on mobile and use progressive enhancement for the laptop/desktop UI when there is more screen width available.

These changes will be in the next 1.2 release or you can go get the latest source code at bitbucket.

If you've got a smartphone or iPad, go hit to check out the changes:


Home - Laptop

Dashboard- Laptop

Activity Detail- Laptop


Home - iPad PortraitDashboard- iPad PortraitActivity Detail- iPad Portrait

Droid - Portrait

Home - Droid PortraitDashboard- Droid PortraitActivity Detail- Droid Portrait

Droid - Landscape

Home - Droid LandscapeDashboard- Droid LandscapeActivity Detail- Droid Landscape


column err / PDO exception after applying latest update

Hmmm, was there a schema change / do I need to modify the MySQL DB?  I dropped in this change on top of the base 1.1 install, and now I get what looks like a missing column error:


PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'c.category_pace_or_speed' in 'field list': SELECT n.nid AS nid, n.title AS title, n.language AS language, n.status AS status, n.uid AS uid, a.activity_id AS activity_id, a.activity_start AS activity_start, a.activity_timezone AS activity_timezone, a.activity_distance AS activity_distance, a.activity_duration AS activity_duration, a.activity_clock_duration AS activity_clock_duration, a.activity_elevation_gain AS activity_elevation_gain, a.activity_elevation_loss AS activity_elevation_loss, a.activity_notes AS activity_notes, a.activity_calories AS activity_calories, a.activity_max_speed AS activity_max_speed, a.activity_avg_heartrate AS activity_avg_heartrate, a.activity_max_heartrate AS activity_max_heartrate, a.activity_avg_cadence AS activity_avg_cadence, a.activity_max_cadence AS activity_max_cadence, a.activity_avg_power AS activity_avg_power, a.activity_max_power AS activity_max_power, a.activity_timer_stops AS activity_timer_stops, c.category_id AS category_id, c.category_name AS category_name, c.category_noun AS category_noun, c.category_image_url AS category_image_url, c.category_pace_or_speed AS category_pace_or_speed, c.category_length_value AS category_length_value, activity_distance/activity_duration AS speed, c.category_length_unit_us AS category_length_unit FROM {node} n INNER JOIN {openfit_node_activity} na ON n.nid = na.nid INNER JOIN {openfit_activity} a ON a.activity_id = na.activity_id INNER JOIN {openfit_activity_category} c ON a.activity_category_id = c.category_id WHERE (n.uid = :db_condition_placeholder_0) ORDER BY activity_start DESC LIMIT 10 OFFSET 0; Array ( [:db_condition_placeholder_0] => 1 ) inPagerDefault->execute() (line 79 of /home7/lockhar2/public_html/sufferhub/includes/